Information Minister, Robert Morgan, says he has no information to share regarding the botched appointment of former army chief, Retired General Rocky Meade, as Cabinet Secretary.

The Minister has directed all queries relating to the appointment to the Offices of the Services Commission.

Morgan was questioned at this morning’s post Cabinet media briefing on Meade’s appointment, and subsequent declining of the post last week.

But the Information Minister says the matter is outside his purview.

There’s been no official word from the government since Meade declined the post last week.

Questions had been raised as to whether the appointment conformed with Section 92 of the Constitution which requires the Cabinet Secretary to be a serving public officer.

Meade retired as Head of the Army in January this year.

The Information Minister has also indicated he cannot say whether the Prime Minister satisfied himself before making the recommendation to the Governor General.

He was unable to say whether the Prime Minister had recommended Meade to the Services Commission.

He was also unable to say whether the Attorney General was consulted prior to the appointment.

The Minister says the matter is closed.

Mr. Morgan told the media briefing he was unable to say when a new Cabinet Secretary would be named. The current Cabinet Secretary, Ambassador Douglas Saunders, retires on October 1.

Repeated requests for comment from the Offices of the Services Commission have gone unanswered.