Public Commentator, Carol Narcisse, says the government has yielded to the pressure of political financiers, by announcing a June 15 re-opening of the nation’s borders to tourists.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced at a digital media conference last evening, that tourists will be allowed to enter the country June 15, and will do voluntary COVID-19 testing.

He also said the borders will re-open today to Jamaicans returning home, who will be subject to mandatory testing.

Ms Narcisse is raising concerns about what she sees as inconsistencies in the announced measures.

She says the government should take note of other countries that have re-opened their economies gradually.

Health Minister, Dr Christopher Tufton, has also sought to re-assure the nation that the government has ramped up resources at health facilities, to address a spike in COVID-19 cases, should that happen.

But Ms Narcisse says she has no confidence in that.

Carol Narcisse, Public Commentator, speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.