“Scary!” is how Councillor for the Granville Division in St. James, Michael Troupe, is describing a protest by residents over the police fatal shooting of a man on Saturday.

The man, 26-year-old Curtis Coke, was shot and killed at his home on Gordon Crescent during a police operation on Saturday morning.

The community is close to where hundreds of members of the security forces are conducting the Zones of Special Operations in Mount Salem in the parish.

Councillor Troupe says some 60 to 70 residents took to the street this morning burning cars, tyres and anything in sight.

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Councillor Troupe says the angry residents are seeking to send a message to the authorities.

He says the killing Saturday morning is the third such incident in the community since the start of the year.

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And the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, says the three officers involved in the incident have turned in their weapons for ballistic testing.

Errol Chatoo is INDECOM’s Director of Complaints in St. James.

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