The Guyana Livestock Development Authority, the GLDA, has announced that poultry and poultry products are banned from being imported into the country.

The government has done so in a bid to protect local farmers against chicken smuggling while at the same time safeguarding against contaminated produce entering the country.

In March of this year, the Guyana Poultry Producers Association called on the government to urgently address the smuggling of chicken over the country’s eastern and southern borders, specifically from Brazil.

At the time the Association said the illegal importation of chicken was affecting investments in the local industry.

The GLDA has not announced how long the restrictions will last. However, the Guyanese Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha, highlighted the surplus of local chicken on the local market and assured citizens that the country has enough stock.

He says anyone who contravenes the ban on poultry importation is liable to prosecution.