A Guyanese man has been sentenced to prison for trafficking two Jamaican nationals.

Reports are that a Guyanese farmer, Tito Browne, otherwise called “Tommy” or “Yankee”, engaged two Jamaican nationals to work for him on a farm, offering to pay them US $5,000 for any work done.

However, when they arrived in Guyana in December of 2020, he reportedly seized their passports and prevented them from leaving a campsite he forced them to work on.

The victims stated that they were only able to contact their families from Browne’s phone when he visited the campsite to check on them.

However, after receiving no visitors for three weeks the victims began running out of supplies and decided to leave the campsite. They were discovered by a local who took them to the police.

Neither of the victims received any compensation for the work done by them.

Browne was sentenced to two concurrent four year terms of imprisonment for trafficking and sentenced to one year’s imprisonment for withholding their passports.

He was also fined two hundred thousand dollars and ordered to pay over $6 million in restitution to the victims.⁥