Youth and Culture Minister and MP for South East St. Ann, Lisa Hanna is denouncing vote buying.

Minister Hanna says the practice, which is a crime under the Representation of the People’s Act, ROPA, is equivalent to purchasing people.

The Cabinet Minister has moved to distance herself from the illegal act.

Minister Hanna says like slavery, vote buying belongs in the past.

The Minister made her stance as she reacted angrily to a post on the social media platform, Instagram.

Commenting, Minister Hanna declared that she is NOT in support of persons supplying money to members of the electorate in exchange for votes..

Hanna stated – “I don’t condone buying votes, neither does any member of my team”.

Minister Hanna is also Chairman of the governing PNP’s Region 1.

According to the Minister she does not wish to be have any association or connection to anyone who carries out the practice of vote buying.

She accused persons on social media of perpetrating a cyber-crime against her, while warning that she’s prepared to seek the intervention of the Court.

Last week, PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke said he believes supporters of the party bought votes in the recent Central Westmoreland by-election which was won by the PNP’s, Dwayne Vaz.

Burke said the supporters who he believes perpetrated the illegal practice of vote buying, feared the PNP may have lost the by-election or won by a reduced majority.

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