Some women in Hannah Town were forced to shelter and hide thugs who were coming to the assistance of Christopher Dudus Coke as the security forces moved into his neighbouring enclave of Tivoli Gardens in 2010 to capture him.

A Lieutenant Colonel in the Jamaica Defence Force, Mahatma Williams, made the revelation today at the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry.

He testified that on May, 24, 2010, he met two women who appeared relieved after soldiers greeted them.

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Colonel Williams also told the Commission of other persons who were locked in their homes in Tivoli.

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Lieutenant Colonel Williams also testified that it would’ve been messy if thugs loyal to Coke had used women and children as human shields.

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Evidence has already been given at the Commission that women and children were often used as human shields — in support of criminals — whenever the security forces tried to enter the community in the past.

Colonel Williams – who was part of the JDF’s Combat Support Battalion – says it’s unfortunate 74 people died in the operation five years ago.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Colonel Williams also told the Commission today that he saw the decomposing bodies of a man and a woman in Tivoli on the 24th of May, 2010.

He says it appeared the two were killed a day or two before the start of the security forces operation on the 24th.

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He says he saw one of the bodies on the field of Tivoli Gardens Comprehensive High School and the other in Hannah Town.