Opposition Senator Dr Andre Haughton, has apologized for controversial statements he made during a sitting of the Upper House on Friday.

Dr Haughton has been hammered by social media users over his blunder in the senate when he rose to pay tribute to breast cancer victims and survivors in observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

He’d also taken to social media to defend himself and attack journalists for highlighting the comment some felt was distasteful.

Yesterday morning, Dr Haughton took to social media again, this time to apologize.

On his twitter account, Dr Haughton posted:

The apology was endorsed by several persons.

Haughton’s fellow People’s National Party, colleague, and Gender advocate Patricia Duncan Sutherland said she accepted the apology.

She posted on Twitter, that the discussion has raised awareness of how language impacts gender relations.

She also called for the championing of the passage of the sexual harassment bill.