The attorney representing the former Mayor of Lucea, Shernette Haughton, Delford Morgan, says the Director of Public Prosecutions had no evidence to bring criminal charges against his client.

Last month, Miss Haughton was accused of nepotism and impropriety in the award of government contracts by the Office of the Contractor General, OCG.

But the DPP yesterday ruled that it will not bring any criminal charges against her.

Mr. Morgan says he expected the ruling.

He says his client concedes that her actions in awarding the contracts were untidy.

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The ruling from the DPP comes days before Sunday’s meeting of the PNP’s National Executive Council.

The NEC is expected to make a pronouncement on whether Ms. Haughton, the Councillor for the Green Island division in Hanover, will remain a member of the party.

Mr. Morgan says his client is hopeful.

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