West Hanover Member of Parliament, the PNP’s Ian Hayles, is blasting PNP Vice President, Damion Crawford, for what he says is Crawford’s disrespect of PNP presidential candidate, Peter Bunting.

Mr. Hayles intensified his recent criticism of Mr. Crawford in a video which was released on social media on Sunday.

Mr. Crawford recently wrote on social media that his decision to not support Peter Bunting has nothing to do with the Central Manchester MP’s wealth, but because he believes Mr. Bunting does not love the people.

The PNP Vice President said instead of challenging Dr Phillips for the PNP presidency, Mr. Bunting should try leading a bank.

Mr. Crawford also drew the ire of Bunting supporters when he told a Peter Phillips campaign meeting that a serpent should not be given to the people as their leader.

Peter Bunting supporter, Ian Hayles, is firing back.

Mr. Hayles says Crawford is jealous of Bunting’s rising popularity in the PNP.

Mr. Hayles says Mr. Crawford should stop attempting to destroy Mr. Bunting’s image because delegates have already made up their minds to remove Dr. Phillips as PNP President.

The West Hanover MP also mocked a recent decision by Dr. Phillips to appoint Mr. Crawford as head of a so-called victory squad shortly after the PNP Vice President was defeated in the East Portland by-election.

Meanwhile, Mr Crawford told our news centre that he will not be responding to the assertions being made by Mr. Hayles.