Health Minister and Wellness Minister Dr Christopher Tufton says there is now an approved COVID-19 comprehensive response plan.

He says the plan has been approved by Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

Prime Minister Holness led National Disaster Risk Management Council.

He made the announcement yesterday during an address to the nation.

Dr Tufton says it will also be used to mobilize resources to meet the key goals of the plan.

The Minister’s projecting a number of things for the coming months should CO-VID 19 enter Jamaica, or in the case of community transmission.

He says about 2 thousand of the cases visiting the public health system will require hospitalization and of that number, an estimated 3 hundred and 60 will require critical care.

Dr Christopher Tufton, Health and Wellness Minister.

Meanwhile, Dr Tufton says the success of their efforts will be contingent on the support of all Jamaicans.

The Health Minister says the challenge is significant but together it can be overcome.

Dr Christopher Tufton, Health and Wellness Minister speaking yesterday during an official broadcast to the nation.