The Health and Wellness Ministry says it’s making provisions to get equipment in order to begin testing in the country for the Covid-19 delta variant.

The delta variant, which was first identified in India, is considered more contagious and resistant to vaccines than the dominant alpha strain circulating in the United States.

Dr. Tufton says it’s anticipated that both the delta and Brazilian variants will arrive in the country once the borders remain open.

Meanwhile, Director of Family Health Services, Dr. Melody Ennis, says the Ministry has not yet received any information regarding the presence of the variant in the island.

There has been public concern that the variant is likely to reach Jamaica as the U.S records several cases of it which has implications for the island’s tourist arrivals.

Dr. Ennis noted that the more the Covid-19 virus is transmitted among persons, the more likely variants will develop.

Dr. Melody Ennis, Director of Family Health Services.

They were speaking on Cliff Hughes Online on Monday morning.