Local HIV-lobby group, Jamaica Aids Support for Life, JASL, is lauding Sagicor, for announcing it will now offer insurance coverage for persons living with the virus.

JASL says it’s heartened by the news that the insurance company, will now be offering policies of up to 10 million dollars to HIV- positive applicants. 

Policy and Advocacy Officer at the JASL, Patrick Lalor, says the move is very significant.

He’s also calling on other insurance entities to follow suit.

Patrick Lalor, Policy and Advocacy Officer at the Jamaica Aids Support for Life, speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.

The JASL says the move will allow the over 32-thousand Jamaicans living with the virus to gain access to substantial life insurance coverage.

It says several companies lists HIV among terminal illnesses they offer no coverage for.

But according to the JASL, there’s been significant advancement in treatment for the illness and it is therefore unfair to list it with certain other diseases.