Statistics from the HIV/STI Unit in the Health and Wellness Ministry have painted a worrying picture showing an increase in infections, especially in parishes with significant tourism engagement.

The statistics showed that between January 1982 and December last year, the six parishes with the highest records are noticeably resort areas.

Dr. Alisha Robb-Allen is Acting Senior Director of the Ministry of Health and Wellness’ HIV/STI Unit.

According to the data, it’s estimated that 32,000 Jamaicans have been infected with HIV.

Of that number, Dr. Robb-Allen stated that 14 percent are unaware of their HIV status and so not accessing treatment.

She added that St. Ann has seen a surge in HIV cases in 2020.

Dr. Alisha Robb-Allen, Acting Senior Director of the Health and Wellness Ministry’s HIV/STI Unit.

The Unit noted that there’s been a reduction in infections among the general population between 2010 and 2020.

However, a slight increase has been recorded within the homeless and inmate population.

The Ministry says with the advent of treatment, their active HIV/AIDS programme has shifted to ensuring that people living with the disease have full access to care.