Finance Minister, Dr Nigel Clarke, says the Andrew Holness administration is pursuing a multi layered approach to respond to the threats of natural disasters.

This comes as the administration has noted the imminent threats of natural disasters associated with climate change.

Minister Clarke was addressing the launch ceremony of the official website for the 7th regional platform for disaster risk reduction in the Americas and the Caribbean at the Spanish Court Hotel in New Kingston.

He says the Holness administration has made too many strides in fiscal recovery, to ignore the threats of natural disasters and risk massive debts.
Neika Lewis reports.

Minister Clarke says a multifaceted resilience framework is needed to tackle natural disaster emergencies.

It’s why the Finance Minister says the government has moved to implement the plastic ban, and promote protection of the watershed areas of the Cockpit country.

And he says the government is also pursuing fiscal programmes like the disaster fund, and a catastrophe bond with the World bank.

The measure is part of what Dr Clarke says is a strategically layered approach to dealing with natural disasters.

He says complete package will give Jamaica access to a billion US dollars to respond to serious natural disasters.

He says as Jamaica ends its programme with the International Monetary Fund, IMF, the country must put measures in place to prevent a reverse of the gains made.