Prime Minister Andrew Holness has declared that the country would have collapsed if a People’s National Party, PNP, government had been in office when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Jamaica.

Mr. Holness made the declaration at a handing over ceremony of 50 new garbage trucks to the National Solid Waste Management Authority, NSWMA this morning.

The Prime Minister says while the story of the pandemic is still being written, it’s clear his administration has properly managed the country’s affairs in a historically difficult period.

Prime Minister Holness has accused persons of seeking to weaponise the issue of garbage collection in the country.

There’ve been a series of protests and repeated calls for improvement in garbage collection in several communities.

But Mr. Holness is maintaining that his government has managed the country’s affairs in a responsible manner.

He says the country’s experience now when compared to the last major economic shock is very different.

The Prime Minister says because of his government’s management, the country is poised for economic growth.

Mr.Holness says this is as a result of both good governance and a good government being in office.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness.