Chevon Campbell has that story.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the changes in global climate will have real implications for government spending going forward.

The Prime Minister made the rare decision to tackle the issue of climate change on a political platform over the weekend while addressing a JLP Area Council one meeting in St. Andrew.

Prime Minister Holness says even if the general public is not yet fully appreciative of the impacts of climate change on the country, the government will have to be forward thinking.

The Prime Minister says the changes in climate have generated increases in devastating hurricanes and other weather phenomena.

However, one of the more major implications according to the Prime Minister is the change in rainfall patterns.

He says gone are the days of gentle rains over an extended period of time.

Prime Minister Holness says this has also had a significant impact on the ability to provide potable water.

He took note of the water issues plaguing many residents across the Corporate Area.

The Prime Minister says the government will have to adopt its spending to respond to the changing climate.