Prime Minister Andrew Holness is urging young people to lead the discussion against the normalization of violence in Jamaica.

The Prime Minister says Jamaicans have become increasingly desensitized to the abnormally high levels of violence in the country.

Speaking on the weekend he says this is one issue the youth must speak out against.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says what’s happening in Jamaica today in terms of murders is worse than some war-torn countries.

He says the country has been in a state of emergency long before one was officially declared.

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The Prime Minister was speaking yesterday at an annual general meeting of the Jamaica Labour Party affiliate group, Young Jamaica.

He says Jamaica’s problem with violence is compounded by the propensity to use it to resolve conflicts.

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Prime Minister Holness says violence has also crept into every aspect of Jamaican culture.

He says young people must be the political voice to challenge this.

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