MP for South West St. Elizabeth, the PNP’s Hugh Buchanan, is refuting allegations that he’s an arrogant, rude and incompetent representative.

The allegations have been made by PNP supporters in the constituency, including at least one member of Buchanan’s constituency executive.

Buchanan has been facing a mutiny, even after winning a selection exercise in the constituency on September 6.

Of the 281 delegates who voted that day, 147 supported Buchanan, while 133 supported businessman Ewan Stephenson.

Hugh Buchanan is a second generation MP who’s political royalty in the constituency where he was born and bred.

But he has a problem.

Two PNP supporters, Phillip Clarke and Patrick Whyte, appeared today on Nationwide This Morning and made a pubic call for Buchanan to be replaced by the PNP hierarchy.

Mr. Buchanan called into the programme to defend his stewardship and character.

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Since the selection exercise, Buchana has failed to unite the PNP factions.

He’s been accused of failing to host a single workers’ meeting in the constituency since he took office in January, 2012.

Buchanan says the claim is untrue.

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Buchanan says he has taken steps to unite the party and has been reaching out to those comrades who campaigned and voted against him in the selection exercise last month.

He says his opponent, Ewan Stephenson has indicated a willingness to work with him for the benefit of the PNP.

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