The St. James Police are on the hunt for two juveniles who escaped the Barrett Town lock up about 5:30 last Friday afternoon.

Reports are three boys age 13, 16 and 17, escaped by cutting the locks off their cell.

But the 17 year old from Westmoreland was taken into custody about 24 hours after his escape.

He’s before the Western Regional Gun Court.

He’s also been charged with Breaching a Curfew order.

The other two boys who’re on the run are from St. James.

The 13-year old boy is in custody for Robbery with Aggravation and Illegal Possession of Firearm.

He’s also before the Western Regional Gun Court. 

The 16 year old is in custody for being uncontrollable.

Both boys are before the Family Court.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of these boys are urged to contact the police 1-1-9 emergency number or the nearest police station.