The Opposition Spokesman on Industry, Investment and Commerce, Anthony Hylton says he’s opposed to a new policy announced by Industry Minister, Karl Samuda concerning the importation of motor vehicles into free zones.

In making his contribution to the Sectoral Debates on Tuesday, Minister Samuda warned importers of cars to desist from exploiting free zones to bring in motor vehicles.

Minister Samuda says the practice gives an unfair advantage to those in the free zones compared to traditional car dealers.

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But the Opposition Spokesman says the reasoning is flawed.

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Mr. Hytlon says the previous PNP administration had enacted new policy directives to attract major investments.

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He says free zones players are not in breach of any policy as the Minister had asserted.

The Former Investment Minister is demanding that no changes be made to the Trade Act until Minister Samuda makes public the legal advice he’s received from the attorney General.