Member of Parliament for Western St. Andrew,Anthony Hylton says he’s supporting Dr. Peter Phillips in his bid to remain the president of the People’s National Party.

Mr. Hylton says Dr. Phillip’s record of performance provides the requisite experience and values on which all Jamaicans can rely.

Mr. Hylton says Dr. Phillips is the best person to lead the transition of the Jamaican economy to its current growth path.

He says Dr.Phillips is best placed to transition the party in a period of change and uncertainty.

Mr.Hylton says Dr.Phillips will heal the Party after the Presidential challenge.

And will lead a united team to victory in the next election cycle.

Mr. Hylton now joins Phillip Paulwell, Dr.Morais Guy, Mikael Phillips, Natalie Neita, Lisa Hanna and Dr. Wykeham McNeil.

All of which have publicly declared their support for Dr. Peter Phillips.