Opposition Leader and PNP President, Mark Golding, says he disagrees with East Kingston MP Phillip Paulwell, that the PNP has taken a significant risk and will play a political price for its decision to discontinue recent states of public emergencies.

The enhanced security measures which had been in place in several police divisions were discontinued in November.

There have been increasing current calls for its re-imposition due to a current wave of murders which has been rocking the island.

Phillip Paulwell was quoted in the print media recently as saying Jamaicans who are under siege due to violent crime will not be receptive to the argument that the PNP moved to discontinue that states of public emergency based on principle.   

Mr. Paulwell said the PNP made a blunder and if he was in the Senate he’d have voted to extend the states of public emergency.

But the Opposition Leader says he disagrees with Paulwell’s assessment of the political risk the PNP may face.

Mr. Golding says the opposition’s position on the use of states of public emergency has been misrepresented in the media.

Mark Golding, Opposition Leader, speaking during an exclusive interview with Nationwide’s Abka Fitz-Henley.