The Integrity Commission has submitted an Investigation Report and the Director of Corruption Prosecution’s indicative ruling to Parliament for tabling.

The Commission made the revelation in a statement on Monday.

The Commission says hard copies of the report were submitted in separate envelopes with identical letters.

Those copies were addressed to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Marisa Dalrymple-Philibert; the Deputy Speaker of the House, Juliet Holness; the President of the Senate, Tom Tavares-Finson; and Clerk to the Houses of Parliament, Ms. Valrie Curtis.

The associated ruling, which is embodied in a second and separate letter, was also submitted.

Also conveyed was a USB flash drive with PDF electronic copies of all documentation submitted.

The Integrity Commission says it anticipates the tabling of the report in both Houses of Parliament and that the ruling will be read out into the records of Parliament.

The Integrity Commission’s statement did not name the party or parties featured in the Investigation Report.

But last week, former Deputy Chairman of the Firearms Licensing Authority, Dennis Meadows, accused the government of failing to table a ruling by the integrity commission, which cleared him of criminal charges following allegations of nepotism against him.

Meadows contested that the ruling was deliberately not tabled, a claim flatly rejected by the Parliament.