The Integrity Commission says only two parliamentarians are under investigation for illicit enrichment for the 2023/2024 reporting period.

The revelation is contained in the commission’s annual report tabled in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

This reduces by four the number of parliamentarians listed in the commission’s last annual report. It’s not immediately clear what became of the parliamentarians referenced in the Commission’s last annual report.

That report suggested that six parliamentarians were under investigation for the offence of illicit enrichment.

The group of still unknown legislators was dubbed the so called “illicit six”.

The long anticipated report says recorded offences under the Integrity Commission Act, for the Financial Year April 1, 2023 to March 31,2024.

Meanwhile, the report says only four public officials are under investigation for the offence. This is down from 28 from the report tabled in 2023.

Excerpt from the Integrity Commission’s latest annual report, tabled in the House of Representatives on Tuesday July 9, 2024.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Following the airing of this story, the Integrity Commission issued a release clarifying that the total number of parliamentarians under investigation in relation to illicit enrichment referrals is eight. This includes the six previously reported in the commission’s 2022-23 annual report.

It made no reference to the previous six in the report which was tabled in parliament on Tuesday.