The IMF’s Resident Representative to Jamaica, Dr. Bert Van Selm, is reiterating that the multilateral has no intention of getting involved in the country’s politics.

Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Audley Shaw, has accused the IMF of effectively campaigning for the Simpson-Miller administration.

This after last Friday’s announcement by the fund that it was lowering the primary surplus target, giving the government an additional $4-billion to spend on capital projects this fiscal year and another $8-billion next year.

Audley Shaw has called the timing of the IMF’s announcement “curious”.

He says it amounts to political interference on the part of the Washington based multilateral.

But Dr. Van Selm is denying that claim.

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Dr. Van Selm says the time was right to reduce the primary surplus target.

He says the Petrocaribe debt buyback, as well as other factors, influenced the decision to relax the target.

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The IMF representative would not speculate on what would happen to the programme if the JLP were to form the next government.

But he says the fund has a good relationship with the Opposition party.

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