PNP Vice President, Senator Damion Crawford, has told comrades there’s no negative to be taken from this week’s RJR/Gleaner Don Anderson poll which finds that the vast majority of Jamaicans feel that the PNP and its President, Dr. Peter Phillips are performing poorly.

Mr. Crawford made the claim in a voice note which is being circulated in some PNP groups.

The voice note has been obtained by Nationwide News.

The Anderson poll findings which were released this week are sending ripples through sections of the PNP.

And, in what appears to an attempt to lift the spirits of PNP supporters, Vice President Crawford, says he doesn’t understand the doom and gloom reaction of some comrades.

The Anderson poll finds that the PNP President is viewed by Jamaicans as the worst-performing Opposition spokesperson.

The poll also found that a whopping 62-per cent of Jamaicans feel that Dr. Phillips is doing a poor job as Opposition Leader.

And, only 14% think Dr. Phillips is doing a good job.

That’s a 3-percentage point decline in the already poor ratings which were received by Phillips in the Anderson poll last year.

On the contrary, the poll finds that the majority of Jamaicans think Prime Minister Andrew Holness, at 49-per cent, is doing a good job, while 23-per cent rate the Prime Minister negatively.

The latest Anderson poll also finds that the majority of Jamaicans at, 38-per cent, feel the government is doing a good or very good job, while 25-per cent rate it negatively.

But a majority of 57-per cent say the PNP is doing a poor job, while only 14-per cent rate the party as doing a good job.

Mr. Crawford sought to downplay the dismal findings.

The PNP Vice President also sought to explain the increasingly bad poll ratings of his party President.