The Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, is calling on the Police High Command to immediately respond to the incidence of commanders failing to adhere to the JCF’s Use of Force policy.

The call came today from INDECOM Commissioner, Terrence Williams.

In a report to Parliament, INDECOM notes that 124 or 36-percent of police related fatalities, arose from one-hundred and 25 planned operations.

INDECOM asserts that all but one of the operations where death occurred had no written plans.

INDECOM boss Terrence Williams says the JCF was made aware of the findings as early as May, but up to this point there has been no response.

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The oversight body argues that the lack of a written plan is at odds with a modern police force, and increases public mistrust.

Commissioner Williams says he was shocked by the responses given by Commanders as to why there were no plans on paper.

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He argues that for too long a binary look at police fatalities have failed to detect what he sees as systemic issues in Jamaican policing

The Commissioner goes on to say that that JCF has gone for too long without proper accountability in this regard.

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