The Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, is calling for an end to the practice of sending children deemed uncontrollable by the courts, to correctional facilities.

INDECOM Head, Hugh Faulkner, says the children would be better served through behaviour modification.

Mr. Faulkner was speaking at INDECOM’s media briefing this morning. 

He called for the law to be reviewed urgently.

Hykel Nunes reports.

According to Mr. Faulkner, the Child Care and Protection Act empowers a judge to impose correctional order on a child deemed uncontrollable.

However, he made it clear that such juveniles have not committed a criminal offence, and therefore should not be sent to a correctional facility.

The Commissioner noted there’re currently twenty three such juveniles in the nation’s various juvenile correctional institutions.

He says the Child Care and Protection Act should be reviewed urgently to address the issue.

Mr. Faulkner says correctional facilities should be limited to those who’ve been charged with a criminal offence only.

He believes it’s unlawful for juveniles to be subjected to more stringent measures beyond being sent to a correctional facility.

Against that background, he is calling for the  Jail block at the Rio Cobre Correctional facility to be removed.

INDECOM’s Rio Cobre Concerns

Meanwhile, Mr. Faulkner noted concerns regarding the conditions at the Rio Cobre Juvenile Correctional Centre.

Mr. Faulkner also raised concerns about poor ventilation and hygiene, toilet facilities and often limited access where they were available.

However, the INDECOM Commissioner noted that dietary and healthcare at the centre seemed adequate.

But, his major concern stemmed from what he sees as inadequate provisions for education.

Hugh Faulkner, Commissioner of the Independent Commission of Investigations.

He was speaking this morning during INDECOM’s quarterly media briefing.