The Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, is reporting that over 2-hundred spent casings were collected for processing in relation to the shooting incident on Friday in Horizon Park, St Catherine that left two policemen dead.

INDECOM’s announced that a team from its South Eastern Regional Office commenced investigations into a discharge of firearm incident by police officers.

In a statement yesterday, it notes teams from INDECOM and the JCF returned to the community yesterday to conduct further enquiries and additional forensic processing.

INDECOM says the fatal shootings and shooting injuries of the police officers involved in the incident are matters for investigation by the JCF’s MID Unit.

INDECOM says the weapons of the concerned officers, as well as, the recovered firearm, were processed, boxed, and sealed.

It says all forensic material will be tested at the Government Laboratory.

Meanwhile, INDECOM says investigators assigned to its Eastern Regional Office commenced investigations into the fatal shooting of an unidentified man, who’s believed to be Damion Hamilton.

The oversight body says the deceased is yet to be formally identified.

It says initial accounts of the incident were taken from the concerned officers and all have been noticed to attend the offices of the Commission for interviews this week.

INDECOM says it continues to denounce any unlawful attack against any citizen of Jamaica.

The oversight body also says its Commissioner, Terrence Williams, is extending condolences to the JCF and the families of the police officers regarding the death of Detective Corporal Dane Biggs and Constable Decardo Hylton.

The INDECOM Commissioner says he’s hoping for a full recovery of the injured officers.