INDECOM’s Commissioner, Terrence Williams, says he’s concerned that the State has not put in place adequate measures to safeguard the lives of inmates in custody.

Commissioner Williams says there was a commitment by the former-administration to reform the Detention and Lockup System following the death of Mario Deane.

Commissioner Williams says several recommendations were made by the Cabinet sub-committee that was reviewing the detention and lockup system. But he says none of the recommendations has been implemented.

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Commissioner Williams says the state should put in place measures to detect and avoid risks to the lives of inmates.

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He says since July 2014, a majority of deaths in custody has been as a result of violence meted out to inmates.

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Commissioner Williams says the Government should consider putting in place closed circuit cameras in remand facilities.

He was speaking this afternoon at INDECOM’s Quarterly media briefing at its Headquarters on Dumfries Road in New Kingston.