The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, JCC, says businesses require restitution for the poor handling of infrastructure improvement projects across the Kingston Metropolitan Area.

JCC President, Lloyd Distant told Nationwide News this afternoon that businesses have suffered immensely due to lack of proper coordination and communication from the government.

He also says some of its membership have already begun legal proceedings.

Marjorie Gordon tells us more.

Mr. Distant says the level of disruption caused by the road works in the KMA go far beyond what can be considered reasonable.

Mr. Distant says businesses and consumers have experienced wide ranging disruptions over the past months.

He says a survey of affected businesses two months ago, shows there was an overwhelming assertion that planning and coordination were poor.

He says some restitution is required for the ineptitude.

Mr. Distant says information required to allow businesses to adjust was wholly inadequate, leading to significant commercial losses and some business closures.