Chairman of the Police Federation, Raymond Wilson, is describing the Government’s offer of a 5-percent wage increase to members of the force as “Insensitive and nothing short of provocation”.

At the Police Federation annual conference under way in Montego Bay, Sergeant Wilson made it clear that he will continue to press for a 65% increase in year one and 35% in year 2 of a new agreement with the government.

Officially, the conference is being staged under the theme: “Accountable Leadership: Lengthening Strides, Embracing Challenges.”

But in a year of salary negotiations, what the members are really keen to hear and talk about is the new wage package.

The Chairman, Sergeant Raymond Wilson, doesn’t disappoint.

In his usual charismatic and energetic presentation, he tells them the government is being provocative and he will continue to fight for a better deal.

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Mr. Wilson says the request for a 65% increase over 2-years is reasonable and the offer from the government of 2 and 3% is a diss.

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He says the current salary that police officers are getting makes it difficult for them to enjoy a decent standard of living.

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The Minister of National Security Peter Bunting was present at opening of the Police Federation conference.

He sought to address another of the grouses — the lack of resources for the police.

He said the government wants to do more, but for the IMF.

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NOTE: A previous version of this story said the Federation submitted a request for a 65% wage increase over two years: The Federation has actually requested a 100% increase for two years, with 65% in year 1 and 35% in year 2.