Head of the St. James Police, Senior Superintendent Steve McGregor, says investigators have made inroads into Friday’s triple murder.

The dead men have been identified as 39 year old shop keeper Phillip Binns otherwise called Banner of Herlock in Granville; 25-year-old higgler Gregory Holder otherwise called “One” of Dumphries District; and 32 year old higgler Hansle Chambers otherwise called Bleachy and Oneil of Summer Hill, all in St. James.

Reports are that about 8:57pm, all three men were at Binns’ shop when two armed men walked in and opened fire.

Binns, Holder and Chambers were pronounced dead at hospital. SSP McGregor says the killers are known to the police.

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SSP McGregor says police do not believe the incident is related to the lottery scam.

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