A man who’s been described as a serial rapist has pleaded guilty to the rape of five females in the community of Irwin, in St. James in 2012.

The man – 27 year-old Patrick Green – had twelve charges against him, arising from the Irwin rape case of September, 2012.

Director of Public Prosecutions, Paula Llewellyn, says Green pleaded guilty this afternoon to all charges when he appeared in the Western Regional Gun Court.

Green – who’s from May Pen, Clarendon is to be sentenced on Thursday.

Justice Martin Gayle will hand down the sentence.

Ms Llewellyn says given the guilty plea, she’s entered a nolle prosequi in relation to ten other matters against Green — meaning she’s discontinued those matters.

The DPP says six of those matters were of a sexual nature.

Green has in the past been convicted and sentenced on criminal charges, including rape.

It’s understood that Green’s DNA matched samples that investigators found at the scene of the rape of the five females in Irwin Point.

He was charged in connection with the incident in January this year.

It’s reported that on the night of September 24, 2012, armed thugs invaded a home in Irwin Point and forced four adult females and an 8-year-old child into a nearby open lot.

All five were sexually assaulted.

Two brothers – Kerron and Sheldon Brissett – were subsequently charged with the rape of the five females.

But they were freed after DNA results failed to place them at the crime scene.

They have since sued the State.