Director of the Island Traffic Authority, Kenute Hare says the entity is ramping up its enforcement drive and shifting around it’s resources in an effort to ensure Jamaica doesn’t exceed 480 road fatalities this year.

He was speaking with Vando Palmer during the ITA Corner on At Your Service on Nationwide .

So far there has been over 200 road fatalities from more than 175 crashes.

Hare says he’s also put the staff at the ITA on notice, amid claims that drivers licenses are being sold.

He says while he has no evidence motorists are buying their licenses, he takes the allegations very seriously.

Kenute Hare, Director of the Island Traffic Authority.

Mr. Hare says motorists who’ve lost their drivers’ licenses and are seeking a substitute license will not receive one if they have outstanding traffic tickets.

He was speaking during Nationwide’s At Your Service with Vando Palmer this morning.

Mr. Hare says a majority of motorists who’ve applied for substitute drivers’ licenses have outstanding traffic tickets.

Director of the Island Traffic Authority, Kenute Hare.