Community change. That’s the main focus of Project Star.

The launch of the 2-billion-dollar crime fighting initiative highlights clear intentions to make a positive difference in at risk Jamaica.

Co-Chair of Project STAR and Chairman of Economic Programme Oversight Committee (EPOC) Keith Duncan says it is a partnership, encouraging everyone to help the nation’s youths.

Keith Duncan Project STAR Co-Chair.

Project STAR, short for Social Transformation and Renewal, aims to change the negative mindset of youths in volatile communities.

Community Change Agent, John Meeks encourages young Jamaicans to keep positive through the hard times. Meeks told his story, explaining how it has helped to change the life of a young man. 

John Meeks, Community Change Agent.

The project aims to improve communities in five years. Project Star is spearheaded by the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica PSOJ, in collaboration with the Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF.

Commissioner of Police Major General Anthony Anderson, a panellist at the launch, says he is grateful for the opportunity to join the project.

Commissioner of Police, Major General Anthony Anderson