The Health and Wellness Ministry says a second person who travelled from China to Jamaica last month, has presented with elevated symptoms that could suggest the novel coronavirus.

It says between January 23 and February 8, 116 persons arrived in Jamaica who had been in China 14 days prior to arrival here. 

It says one of them had mild symptoms and was immediately isolated. 

The Ministry says that person’s symptoms have since improved.

Jamaica’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Jacqueline Bissasor McKenzie, was speaking at a media conference a short while ago. 

Dr Jacqueline Bissasor McKenzie, Chief Medical Officer

The Ministry says the purpose of quarantine is to closely monitor patients to identify their symptoms and the appropriate measures to take.

It says samples were taken from the patient and will be processed by the National Influenza Centre and sent overseas for testing.

Those results are to be received in the next two weeks.