Jamaica is stamping its approval on efforts to reform the way in which the World Health Organisation, WHO is financed.

Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton says the WHO plays an essential role in health governance, including the delivery of much needed global health policy and technical advice.

He was addressing the 75th World Health Assembly, WHA in Geneva, Switzerland on Tuesday.

He says a sustainably resourced WHO is required for the Organisation to be ‘fit for purpose’, efficiently fulfilling its mandate as the lead directing and coordinating authority in the area of international health.

According to Dr Tufton, Jamaica agrees that the main source of funding for the organisation should be the assessed contributions of member states.

He says this will improve prioritisation on thematic areas, reduce the influence of voluntary contributions on the organisation, thus improving the independence of its work.

Presently, contributions to the WHO are a percentage of a country’s Gross Domestic Product, with the percentage agreed by the United Nations General Assembly.

They currently cover less than 20% of the total budget.

Voluntary contributions cover the remainder and come largely from Member States as well as from other United Nations organisations, intergovernmental organisations, philanthropic foundations and the private sector.

Dr Tufton is also recommending the WHO incorporates the some practices of the Pan-American Health Organisation, PAHO, and examines its budgeting process, as well as the percentage of administrative costs as compared to costs of services delivered.