Marjorie Gordon reports

In a little, over 40 days Jamaica has recorded three times as many COVID-19 infections and deaths than the entire period prior to Independence day on August 6.

As the country grapples to bring the current surge under control Nationwide News has been looking back at the numbers then and now.

The country earlier this week surpassed the 4-thousand mark for COVID-19 infections.

At the current pace, Jamaica could surpass five thousand positive tests by this time next week.

As of today more than 4,500 people have tested positive for the coronavirus.

That’s a staggering figure when compared to the fact that Jamaica had not even reached a thousand COVID-19 cases up to Independence Day on August 6.

As for deaths, up to August 8 only 12 people had died as a result of COVID-19, since Jamaica’s first confirmed case of the coronavirus on March 10.

Three times as many have died since that date with deaths now standing at 45.

Prior to Independence Day, Jamaica was still considered to have been dealing with clusters of cases and had not met the threshold for community spread.

Community transmission was not confirmed until September 4, the day after the country’s 18th General Elections.

Prior to August 6, the single day largest total of confirmed cases was 32.

However, since then Jamaica has repeatedly registered case numbers in excess of a hundred and on two occasions tallied more than two hundred daily cases.

The single largest number of daily cases were confirmed on September 16 at two-hundred and 52.

However, despite the surge in cases, Jamaica is still considered among the top performers in terms of COVID-19 management.

The country remains ranked in the top half of nations in terms of cases per one-hundred thousand population according to the World Health Organization, WHO.

The current surge in COVID-19 cases has been linked by health experts to activities on and following Independence Day