Five Jamaican legal professionals are involved in the corruption trial now underway in the Turks and Caicos Islands, which prosecutors say is the biggest in the history of the Caribbean.

The case is controversially being heard without a jury, by a single judge, Justice Paul Harrison.

Justice Harrison is the former President of the Jamaican Court of Appeal.

The trial involves several key members of the Progressive National Party government that ruled the Turks and Caicos Islands from 2003-to-2009.

Former Premier Michael Misick and his co accused are charged with accepting tens of millions of US dollars in bribes and kickbacks in return for valuable land development deals.

Misick’s brother, Thomas Chalmers Misick; former Deputy Premier Floyd Hall; Hall’s wife Lisa; Hall’s brother Quentin; former ministers McAlister Hanchell, Jeffrey Hall, as well as Lillian Boyce and her brother Earlson Robinson and Jeffrey Hall’s former attorney Melbourne Wilson, are also charged.

Deputy Premier Floyd Hall is being represented by former Public Defender, Queens Counsel Earl Witter.

Mr. Witter is being assisted by another Jamaican attorney, Kayode Smith.

Hall’s wife Lisa, has retained Jamaican attorney Oliver Smith, who’s partnering with former Solicitor General, Douglas Leys.

Speaking on Nationwide This Morning, Oliver Smith says the trial will last months and involves thousands of pages of depositions.

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