Production of alumina at the Jamalco plant in Clarendon is expected to resume next month following a fire which severely affected the facility last year.

The company’s Powerhouse Reconstruction Manager, Natalie Sparks, told the Bauxite and Minerals Conference at NCU, that they spent over US$30-million to return the plant to 50% of its operating capacity.

Alumina production at the plant came to a standstill after a major fire at the facility on August 22 last year.

Jamalco says it has lost approximately US$500- thousand daily in potential earnings, with over a thousand jobs threatened.

Sparks says the renovation exercise was the first of a 3-phase process aimed at restarting the plant.

In phase two, the plant will work at its full capacity, but using rented boilers and power from the national grid.

Jamalco expects to achieve complete self-sufficiency by phase three.

Sparks says the company will arrive at this phase through consultation with the government.

Natalie Sparks, Powerhouse Reconstruction Manager, at JAMALCO, speaking at the recent Manchester Bauxite and Minerals Conference.