The Jamaica Defence Force JDF is ramping up training of recruits for the regular force of the army.

National Security Minister Robert Montague says the JDF has the full support of the government.

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The minister adds that strengthening the JDF forms part of the government’s overall national security strategy.

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He was addressing the graduation ceremony for 199 JDF recruits at the Moneague training camp over the weekend. In the meantime, The Jamaica Defense Force, JDF, says the country should expect an increase in military presence starting today.

For the next three weeks, the JDF will be participating in a security training operation called Exercise Tradewinds.

It’s a regional operation that will involve the deployment of a number of overseas military personnel, vehicles and equipment to the island .

The JDF says it will not be using live rounds during its exercises in various communities. Residents are being asked not to interfere with or move any training aides they may come across. In the event that any unexploded paraphernalia is found, the military should be contacted at 960 – 8776.

The operation is an annual exercise which focuses on countering transnational organised crime.