On the day he resigned as Chairman of the Board of the National Solid Waste Management Authority, Steve Ashley, is revealing how its former Executive Director, Jennifer Edwards, was not suited for the job and that Local Government Minister, Noel Arscott, knew for a long time that the board had decided not to renew her contract.

He’s also revealed that the Minister didn’t disagree with the decision to part company with her.

Mr. Ashley’s revelations come less than 24 hours after Minister Arscott revealed that he had lost confidence in Ashley’s chairmanship of the Board.

Steve Ashley is not going quietly as NSWMA Board Chairman.

Yesterday the Local Government Minister, Noel Arscott, told the public his confidence in him had been shaken because he created a crisis while the massive fire at Riverton was raging.

That crisis was his decision to finally tell Jennifer Edwards that he’d not be renewing her contract.

Today he painted a picture of Edwards not being equipped to manage the Solid Waste Management Authority.

He spoke with Cliff Hughes this afternoon on Power 106 — confirming he’s tendered his resignation as Board Chairman of the NSWMA.

But Minister Arscott went further in his criticism of Mr. Ashley.

He said he’d created ‘a crisis within a crisis’ when the Board he led decided not to renew Ms. Edwards’s contract, while the massive Riverton fire burned.

But Mr. Ashley this afternoon said the decision not to renew Ms. Edwards’s contract was made ‘long, long time ago’.

In fact, he said he’d told Minister Arscott over a year ago that he didn’t want to renew the contract.

But Mr. Ashley admits he did not consult Minister Arscott in the final weeks before the Board made its decision.

He says there was no dissenting voice on the final decision that was made at the Board meeting when Ms. Edwards’s contract was reviewed.

AND, Mr. Ashley says Ms. Edwards was not suited for the job of Executive Director of the NSWMA.

He went even further — saying she might have been ‘overwhelmed’ by the task.

He says he sought to provide her with help by assembling a financial management team to work with her — but he says she wasn’t ‘amenable’ to that effort.

He also complained about Ms. Edwards not providing information on the financial affairs of the NSWMA.

Mr. Ashley also revealed that Board members were intimidated by Jennifer Edwards’s political connections.

AND, Mr. Ashley is refusing to confirm or deny that he’d drafted a termination letter in 2013, to fire Ms. Edwards as Executive Director of the NSWMA.

Mr. Ashley was also asked whether he’s aware of an instance where the proceeds of an NSWMA contract, valued at more than 2-million dollars, were paid to a particular Councillor — instead of the entity that was supposedly contracted to do the work.

Steve Ashley, former Board Chairman of the NSWMA, speaking with Cliff Hughes today on Power 106.