The winner of Sunday’s PNP candidate selection exercise in North East St Elizabeth, attorney-at-law Zuleika Jess, says she’s elated and grateful to the people of the constituency for having carried her on their backs.

Jess came away with 569 votes out of a possible 1,274, surpassing the automatic selection requirement of 50% plus one.

Director of the election, Wensworth Skeffery, told journalists that voter turnout at the St Elizabeth Technical High School was 61-point-2 percent, representing 780 delegates who voted.

Two ballots were rejected.

Miss Jess says she’s overjoyed at having received more that seventy percent of the vote.

Her opponent in the race, businessman and a former MP Kern Spencer, received 209 votes.

Jess says she is willing to unify the supporters and delegates by working with Spencer.

There were some verbal and physical clashes between her supporters and those backing Spencer.

But according to Jess, her doors are open to Mr Spencer at anytime.

Zuleika Jess, prospective PNP candidate in North East St Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, Miss Jess has served notice that she will be bringing young people back into the fold of the PNP.

Zuleika Jess.