JLP Leader Andrew Holness, and Chairman of the Party’s Scholarship Selection Committee Senator Ransford Braham, yesterday donated $1.5 million on behalf of the party to the University of the West Indies, UWI, to assist students experiencing financial difficulties.

Mr. Holness says the donation is intended to in particular assist those at risk of being de-registered and barred from sitting their examinations. 

The JLP Leader says though it is a political organization, the party has social responsibilities.

Mr Holness also made an additional donation of $1 million to the institution from his Positive Jamaica Foundation.

Holness is also Chairman of the Jamaica Labour Party’s Education Fund.

The JLP leader told the function  that he identifies with the struggle of university students.

Andrew Holness, JLP Leader and Chairman of the party’s Education Fund.

In a statement the JLP noted that in responding to the contribution, Deputy Principal of the University of the West Indies Professor Ian Boxill, thanked Mr Holness and expressed that it will help to assist students to complete their studies.

Professor Boxill also said this gesture represented an important symbolism in respect of giving not just from a government standpoint, but from a political party. 

He noted that this is an important example that has been set by the JLP.