The case involving the Councillor for the Salt Spring Division, the PNP’s Sylvan Reid, has been discontinued, for now.

Councillor Reid was facing multiple charges in connection with the death of 14-year-old Jouvhaine Whitmore, the son of the national football coach, Theodore Whitmore.

Justice Viviene Harris handed down the ruling this morning in the St. James Circuit Court. This, after three witnesses, failed to turn up for court today.

Prosecutor, Leighton Morris, told the court that warrants for the witnesses to appear in court were not executed. He then asked for a conditional nolle prosequi to be entered.

Reid’s lead attorney, Queens Counsel K.D. Knight told the media this means that his client has been conditionally discharged.

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Mr. Knight says he was looking for an acquittal.

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Councillor Reid was charged with causing death by dangerous driving, failing to report an accident, failing to stop at an accident scene, and having no insurance coverage.

In the meantime, Mr. Reid is maintaining that he wasn’t driving his vehicle when 14-year-old Jouvhaine Whitmore was hit.

He says putting his trust and faith in God and his lawyers.

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