The Jamaica Public Service Company, JPS, is advising customers there may be brief service interruptions in the next two weeks, as the company embarks on a testing exercise for its newly constructed power plant.

JPS says the 190 Mega Watt Natural Gas Power Plant in Old Harbour Bay, St. Catherine, is in the final stages of testing.

Questions were raised about the plant, after news that JPS had to conduct load shedding exercises, a few weeks ago.

The JPS says the plant is being fully integrated into the national electricity grid.

In a statement the company says the new power plant has been providing electricity to the grid since earlier this year.

But it says the plant has not yet been fully commissioned, due to the complex testing process currently underway.

According to JPS, the tests are aimed at ensuring that the system responds appropriately whether the plant is fully or partially on the grid.

It says the power plant will contribute significantly to the national energy diversification programme.

JPS says that will contribute to the efficiency and reliability of the present energy supply, as well as the stabilization of fuel costs for JPS customers.