Corporate Communications and Customer Service Director at the JPS, Winsome Callum is welcoming the Energy Minister’s call for an audit into the company.

She’s again reiterating that the JPS is not arbitrarily adding charges to customers bills.

Ms. Callum is also confirming that JPS is required to review bills that show an increase of more than 30% month over month.

She says the reports are generated before the bills are sent out to customers and examined individually by JPS.

Ms. Callum admits that the JPS does not routinely advise its customers with exceptionally high bills that their accounts are being reviewed.

She says they’ve identified this as one of the biggest weaknesses in the billing process at JPS.

Winsome Callum, Corporate Communications and Customer Service Director at the JPS speaking on Cliff Hughes Online.

Ms. Callum says the JPS has seen a 100 per cent increase in the number of complaints it has received from customers about their electricity bills.

Among the complaints, some customers have said they’ve been absent from their businesses for an extended period, but have still gotten high electricity bills.

Ms. Callum says in a case being reviewed, a high energy usage equipment was left on in the building.

Customers have  also been complaining about the level of customer service at JPS.

According to some customers, when they contact the JPS, representatives in a call centre outsourced by the power company don’t often know the intricacies of what they’re complaining about.

Ms. Callum says they’re trying to reassign resources to fix the problem.

Winsome Callum.