Presiding judge in the Klansman Gang Trial, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, on Thursday demanded the prosecution only pose questions to the witness which are related to the crimes of which the 33 alleged gang members are accused.

The accused are being tried under the anti-gang legislation, on an indictment with 25 counts, for allegedly being part of a criminal organization in a judge-alone trial.

The Chief Justice had recently demanded the prosecution wrap up examination in chief of its second witness, noting it’s not a commission of inquiry about criminal organisations in Jamaica, but a criminal trial.

On Thursday, the Chief Justice told the prosecution not to ask the witnesses to detail all the possible crimes and then try to match those with what’s outlined in the indictment.

He said, “the witness should not be encouraged to give body of evidence unconnected to the indictment.”

According to Justice Sykes, that would be prejudicial to the defence as those attorneys would not have had prior disclosure.

He says going forward he’ll allow evidence, providing it’s connected to the account of the indictment.